About us

This story starts with road cycling enthusiasts stuck in a part of the world where snow covers the roads 4 months a year (it used to be 5).

We wanted to dedicate more time to our passion, and decided to go ahead with an idea that refused to go away : launching a cycling brand that offers high quality gear that is designed and produced locally.

The pain cave was the first testing ground. In Canada, semi-serious cyclists have to be able to ride inside at any given time, but GPS mounts and Quadlocks need to stay on the bike.

Until now, indoor cycling gear simply did not deliver :

- The current tablet holders don't fit all sizes and they require to take off your other accessories that you still want to use.

- The phone mounts usually place devices where they get covered in sweat.

- Storing snack and a earpods case require tables that are always in the way of something else.

And that's how we created "Le DS", the tablet and cellphone mount to rule them all. 

Even though we like our summers long, we do not want the winters to go away as fast as they are, so we made the choice to 3D print our product with eco-friendly materials. It is manufactured locally, in small quantities, to make sure no inventory goes to waste. It is also designed in a way to allow upgrades and repairs with basic tools and materials anyone can buy at their local hardware store.

And here we are, in November 2022, with sales made in Canada, Finland, Japan and the USA in the first 2 weeks of the launch, hoping le DS paves the way the beginning of a new way to make cycling gear.