Tour de Zwift 2023: the Biggest Virtual Event of the Year

tour de zwift

The Tour de Zwift is like Tour de France but better: everyone can participate from the comfort of their homes. The Tour de Zwift ( aka TdZ), is a virtual cycling event inspired by the Tour de France.

The TDZ 2023 was is from January 9 to February 12. This premier Zwift event celebrated cycling across various virtual landscapes, attracting cyclists globally.

What is the of Tour de Zwift

Since its inception in 2017, TdZ has become the largest annual tour on Zwift. The 2023 edition offered eight stages, each in a different Zwift world, with three route options based on distance.


Fresh Route Badges

Fresh-off-the-press route badges are up for grabs on selected stages (and remember, you can bag these badges anytime by freewheeling down these routes at your leisure!):

  • Stage 2 – Richmond UCI Reverse
  • Stage 3 – La Reine
  • Stage 5 – Gotham Grind
  • Stage 6 – Watopia’s Waistband

TdZ will be the first chance anyone gets to unlock one particular route badge, though. On stage 8, we’ll be able to ride the “Rolling Highlands” route on Zwift’s new Scotland map!


New Features

TdZ 2023 introduced fresh route badges on certain stages and Robopacers in each event, along with TdZ branded Ride-Ons and a special collection by Zwift and Pedal Mafia.

Categories and Ride Options

Riders chose from four categories: A (Long Ride), B (Standard Ride), C (Short Ride), and D (Women-Only Ride, using the Standard route).


Detailed Stage Schedule and Routes

zwift stage


  • Stage 1 (Jan 9-12): Yorkshire
    • Long Ride: Royal Pump Room 8, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Tour of Tewit Well, 2 laps
    • Short: Harrogate Circuit Reverse, 1 lap

  • Stage 2 (Jan 13-15): Richmond
    • Long Ride: Richmond UCI Reverse, 3 laps
    • Standard + Women-Only: 2015 UCI Worlds Course, 2 laps
    • Short: The Fan Flats, 3 laps

  • Stage 3 (Jan 16-19): France
    • Long Ride: La Reine, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Douce France, 1 lap
    • Short: Champs-Elysees, 2 laps

  • Stage 4 (Jan 20-22): London
    • Long Ride: Surrey Hills, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Greatest London Loop Reverse, 1 lap
    • Short: London Loop, 1 lap

  • Stage 5 (Jan 23-26): New York
    • Long Ride: Everything Bagel, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Knickerbocker Reverse, 1 lap
    • Short: Gotham Grind, 1 lap

  • Stage 6 (Jan 27-29): Watopia
    • Long Ride: Three Sisters, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Climber’s Gambit, 1 lap
    • Short: Watopia’s Waistband, 1 lap

  • Stage 7 (Jan 30-Feb 2): Makuri Islands
    • Long Ride: Chasing the Sun, 1 lap
    • Standard + Women-Only: Island Outskirts, 2 laps
    • Short: Flatland Loop, 1 lap

  • Stage 8 (Feb 3-5): Scotland
    • Long Ride: Rolling Highlands, 3 laps
    • Standard + Women-Only: Rolling Highlands, 2 laps
    • Short: Rolling Highlands, 1 lap


The Tour de Zwift 2023 offered an immersive experience in the world of virtual cycling, blending competition with a sense of community and exploration.

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