Specialized Venge S-Works: The Fastest Zwift Bike on flats ?

At Le Code Morse CC, our passion for speed knows no bounds. Whether it's feeling the rush of the wind on the road during the summer months or pushing the limits during the adrenaline-filled indoor races of winter, speed is our constant companion. With a keen interest in optimizing our performance, especially during indoor cycling sessions on Zwift, we want to make sure our virtual gear give us as much as our real life equipment.


Overview of Zwift's Bike Options:

This can be done by shopping on Zwift's Drop Shop, i.e. the candy store for e-cyclists. It present a plethora of over a hundred bike frames, each suited for different racing styles and terrains. From the aerodynamic Tron to the rugged mountain bikes, Zwift caters to all preferences, but some frames are simply faster than others, and Zwift Insider sorted it out for us.


Testing The Elite of Zwift Bike Frames

Zwift Insider's testing revealed distinct performances among Zwift's top bike frames, each showcasing unique features and capabilities.

After the most recent testing, Zwift Insider came with the following results. Briefly put, the Specialized Venge S-Works is not just a marvel in the real world; it's a virtual speed demon on Zwift as well. Fast on the flats and phenomenally swift in the virtual world of Zwift, the S-Works stands, with the Felt AR, at the top of the list.

  1. Specialized Venge S-Works / Felt AR: Accessible to riders at Level 37 and above and priced at 1,200,000 Drops, the Specialized Venge S-Works is not just a bike; it's a statement. Its performance in both flat and climbing tests on Zwift is unparalleled, making it the top choice for racers who value speed above all else. Its closest rival, the Felt AR, stands shoulder to shoulder with the S-Works in performance, setting a high bar in virtual cycling dynamics. With a price of 741,100 Drops and a requirement of Level 16+ for access, the Felt AR closely rivals the S-Works in performance. The choice between the two often boils down to personal style preference, as their performance is remarkably similar.

  2. Cervelo S5 2020 / Uranium Nuclear: This frame, costing 1,481,000 Drops and accessible at Level 36+, matches the performance of the Uranium Nuclear, particularly in its flat and climbing test times, making it a strong contender. At a price of 700,000 Drops and a Level 31+ requirement, the Uranium Nuclear stands out for its affordability and lower level lock, offering great value for Zwift racers.

  3. Canyon Aeroad 2021: Available for 1,029,200 Drops at Level 27+, the Aeroad 2021 is notable for its all-around performance, excelling in climbing over its competitors, including the Cervelo S5 and Trek Madone.

  4. Cervelo S5: This frame, requiring Level 36+ and priced at 1,438,400 Drops, competes closely with the Trek Madone in flat test times and has a slight edge in climbing.

  5. Trek Madone : A solid choice for flat races, the Madone, priced at 1,050,000 Drops and available at Level 34+, is slightly heavier and less adept at climbing compared to the Aeroad 2021 and Cervelo S5.

  6. Pinarello Dogma F: This premium frame, priced at 1,418,600 Drops and requiring Level 40+, is a top performer in climbing, ideal for routes with a mix of flat stretches and key climbs.

  7. Chapter2 TOA : Available for 800,000 Drops at Level 33+, the TOA offers good value as an all-around performer, though slightly slower in climbing compared to the Dogma F.

  8. Zwift Concept - Tron Bike:The Tron bike, which is unlocked rather than purchased, shines on flat and rolling routes. It is the most sensible choice for those that want one bike that does it all.

When the rubber meets the virtual road, one bike frame outshines them all for its sheer speed - the Specialized Venge S-Works.

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