How to get the famous Zwift Tron Bike?

The mighty Tron Bike. Ever wondered how you get that flashy bike on Zwift? I certainly did. What a baller thing. Hands down the coolest ride, and a great all-rounder that performs well both on flat and hilly terrains. If you’re down to put in some sweat equity, you certainly will be able to get it.

Here’s a step by step approach. It’s not complicated, just requires time, dedication, and certainly, D+:

  1. Opt for the "Climb Mt. Everest" task on Zwift and begin your ascent.

  2. The height you've gained will add up over multiple rides, and you can always monitor your progress. Once you've reached the summit of Mt Everest (8,848m / 29,028′), continue climbing!

  3. Ascend an additional 41,152 meters (135,014′) to earn the sought-after "Concept Z1," also known as the "Tron bike."

No kidding, a total of 50,000 meters of D+. That’s right, that’s about 6.25 times Mnt. Everest. 1x Mnt. Everest Definitely wasn’t enough.

But hey, you got the Tron Bike:

Enjoy the ride!
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