The main setups for Zwifting (and why our mount belongs in all of them)

What's Zwift?

Zwift is the most popular indoor cycling platform on the planet for many reasons. Aside from being the first app to properly gamify the concept of mashing pedals in your unfinished basement, it is playable on almost all existing platforms : phones, tablets, Apple TV and computers all allow you to jump on the #rideon train.

Even though Zwift itself brought more attention to indoor cycling than all other platforms like Trainer Road, Rouvy or RGT combined, it remains that our real life setups are often a dysfunctional mess.


Why a Clip&Play cockpit ?

Social media is filled with pain caves where phones, remotes, snacks, towels and earpods are crammed in a mix of bulky tables, shaky music stands, misaligned desks and poorly designed holders that puts your devices where it gets drenched in sweat.

And that is where we stepped in with our clip & play cycling cockpit, suitable for all bikes with round handlebars (we plan to bring a universal solution by the end of 2023). No matter what your setup is, our goal is to improve it by allowing you to remove at least one table, stand or other subpar piece of furniture that takes way too much place for its intended purpose.


The Wired In Computer Setup - iPhone Bike Mount

For the serious indoor cyclists, nothing will beat a computer plugged into a big screen TV. This setup allow you to enjoy the best graphics and provide the overall smoother experience, but you will still need your phone for Zwift Companion and to start your kickass HIIT playlist filled with unapologetically corny songs from your teen years right before your first painful reality-check « B race ».


The Apple TV Setup - the iPhone Bike Mount

The same is true with the Apple TV option, which provides a more convenient plug&play setup that offers a similar experience to the computer. However, this comes at the expense of graphics quality and a less stable wireless connection (the Ant+ connection, not available on ATV, is usually superior to Bluetooth in terms of reliability, especially with several devices in the same room).


The Directly on your iPad Setup - the iPad Bike Mount

Then comes the iPad, which is the perfect entry point for many cyclists : you get all the functionality of the previous setup, without the need for a TV, which means you don’t have to destroy the feng shui vibes of your cozy living room by putting a 50 pound trainer, a road bike and a training mat right between your couch and your magnificient Ikea money tree you almost killed twice in the last 6 months.

Finally, if earning the sweatdrops currency that allows you to buy the virtual version of the 20K Trek Madone you can only dream of, your phone can run Zwift discretly and you can totally use your TV or your tablet to continue your current Netlfix binge, without the usual remorse you get from being a shameless couch potato.

In all cases, our mount improves your setup by putting your devices at the perfect spot, right in front of you, and allows you to hold what you need without taking any more floor space than needed. 

We just brought you one step closer to a clean and enjoyable indoor cycling setup.

Ride On !

Simon from

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